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All Ways Herbal

-Holistic Approach to Wellness-

What is Holistic Herbalism?

Mind-Body Connection

Stress isn't just an emotional/mental experience, it also manifests as physical symptoms (showing up in all sort of ways from an upset stomach to an itchy rash).  When we approach health with the knowing that out mind and body are connected, we're able to make lasting change.  

Herbal Remedies

Using herbs for their medicinal properties is a practice our ancestors used, and theirs before them.  Just as herbs balance and heal the ecosystems in which they grow, they also have that effect on our body's ecosystems when incorporated in a holistic way. 

(Re)Connecting with Nature

Have you ever noticed how your body and mind feel when standing next to a waterfall, walking through the woods, or simply standing barefoot in your backyard?


We are intrinsically connected to the natural world.  Our bodily systems are a reflection of the systems in nature.  When we disconnect from nature, we are disconnecting from a vital source of nourishment on all levels.  Even those of us living in cities, where trees seem like a far-off concept, there are still ways to reconnect with the natural world.  

Vital Living

While it's true that we all need the basic essentials to live (water, sleep, food, movement, and oxygen), having vitality involves a bit more and looks different for each individual.  Let's work together to rebalance and optimize your health and wellbeing. 


Meet Kassaundra Lynn

Holistic Herbalist

Kassaundra has been surrounded by nature since childhood.  From helping out in the family garden, camping on Mount Hood, and weekend trips to the coast, growing up in the Pacific Northwest has provided her the amazing opportunity of connecting with the lushness this landscape has to offer. 


Like many others, Kassaundra grew up using conventional, allopathic medicine for her many earaches, intestinal issues, and general childhood ailments.  After she stumbled upon an article on the healing benefits of food and herbal remedies, she was sent down a path of incredible healing, and dove head first into studying herbalism.  Along the way, Kassaundra has studied with amazing herbalists such as Scott Kloos, Hana Jordan, Chris Smaka, and Paul Bergner.  In addition to herbal studies, Kassaundra is passionate about nourishing and balancing the mind-body-heart connection, and supporting others in their own healing process.

Kassaundra uses a mind-body-nature approach, combining healthy lifestyle habits (ie. eating foods that help balance your constitution and the season, drinking plenty of water, getting good sleep, healthy movement), tending to mental/emotional, mindful/meditation practices, and connection to nature, along with botanical remedies for a well-rounded, holistic approach to health and vitality.   

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